Girl Trapped
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Author Zalán Tari
Publisher N/A
Published TBA
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Succeeded By TBA

Girl Trapped is a novel to be released on 2016. It will feature Austin Samuels, a young innocent boy who has noticed a lot strange phenomenon and need to figure out before a plan comes to life.


Millions of years ago supernatural beings settled in the heaven. They are the angels. One of them betrayed God and used the knowledge of the Elysium’s key in order to take control of it. This made the power desire for that angel which used against God. However God and armies of heaven were able put the angel’s coups and was imprisoned and banished to Earth in stasis forever. In mid 20th century a huge explosion located Japan weakened the prison and happened to escape and is willing to find the keys of Elysium. But what are those lives to sacrifice for a selfish desire? An innocent boy named Austin has to find the truth and find out what his dreams are about. Are they a prophecy or warning? Maybe a huge alert that God sent to him? If we think about that, why would it be him? He is the only one who knows the truth and struggles to protect Elysium’s key. Now the only thing that stands in his way currently the fallen angel’s wasted plan…

The final confrontation between these being factions unleashes an unthinkable doom– forged from a girl’s soul and perfected by an angel.


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